Everybody uses Facebook to promote their business and sometimes getting the best results involves investment. It’s not easy to make people reach your official page in a natural way (organic reach). You need to pay Facebook to grow your page. The following step is to keep your audience engaged. Taking care of your online fans means taking care of your business reputation. All the people who liked your page and interact with you act like your brand ambassadors.

       The 3 most common mistakes that escape room owners make are the following: they underestimate the power of Facebook, they don’t engage their followers and finally they don’t post real content making the people forget about their page.

Here are 10 tips that will help you promote your escape room business using Facebook:

  1. Like other businesses Facebook page

You’re probably asking why it’s the purpose of this action? Liking other business’ page brings your page exposure to their fans and followers. Also, you can inspire yourself with others’ posts. And by inspire I don’t mean copy! Take it as an opportunity to see what kind of posts people interact with.

  1. Tag the business whose event your hosting

Whenever a corporate group holds an event at your escape room location make sure you take a photo of them at the end of the game which should be branded with your logo. Most of companies use escape room for team buildings and that’s a good opportunity for you to gain some awareness. Post the picture on your business page, tag the company and ask the members tag themselves in the picture you posted. They will comment and share the picture and you will get exposure.

  1. Answer every single review – good or bad

When it comes to online reviews, people trust them as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend. Remember you’re having a customer service business. It’s important for other customers or potential customers to see how you treat them, how you take care of them. This is how they evaluate your escape room online.

  1. Don’t forget about interaction

Just posting pictures with people who have been to your escape room it’s not enough. You must interact with them, answer their comments, like their comments, etc. This way you’re building a relationship with them and they are going to come back.

  1. Contests make your page more attractive

When it comes to free stuff, people will come in unexpected ways. Run contests to increase engagement level because that will make them come back to your business or to your page. You can offer 2 free passes or whatever you feel it will make the people be part of the contest.

  1. Offer discounts for your fans

      From time to time you can offer discounts for most active followers and other type of offers to motivate them and other to continue following and interacting with you.

  1. Make your business human

If your business would have a personality it would be yours and your team’s personality. Whenever you have a new colleague in your stuff post their picture and a welcome message on Facebook. Fans want to connect with people so be authentic in your posts and if you want you can share the story of your business, how it all started and everything.

  1. Organize a charity event and promote it

This type of events helps you gain awareness. You can start giving free tickets and there is a big chance to see the money coming back to you in next visits. Let’s say two people are coming to your escape room today, maybe the next weekend they will come with more friends, and their friends with other friends and so on. Promote the event because you will gain exposure.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask your fans questions

You can test the new theme of a next room you’re planning to open by asking your fans what they think about it. Or if you’re deciding to change the colour of your company’s t-shirt create two versions of them and ask your followers which one they like most?

  1. Use Facebook Live

Use Facebook at its maximum functions. This new tool which allows you live-streaming video offers you the possibility to show them what your business look like and what is going on in there. An important benefit is that it persists, and it can be viewed also after the broadcast.

Social media is more useful than other business owners think. If you use it smart you can gain a lot of customers and build your escape room brand. Make sure you use all its benefits!

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About the Author

Escape room designer, Artist and Entrepreneur

Costin is an artist, but also a very dedicated entrepreneur and for the past 10 years he run several successful business in the entertainment industry, and worked with hundreds of international clients. 

After creating a successful escape room business, in the past 3 years he started sharing what he learned, become an escape room designer and so far helped more than 20 other entrepreneur in starting their own escape room business all over the world.