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Hi! My name is Costin and I’m here to help you start running your own highly successful escape room business. This is the course to guide you do so with minimum effort, where you will learn the secrets of how to build and run an escape room game, and become booked out for days in advance.

This course is for:
1. People who already have and escape room business and need a game design for another room.
2. People who want to start an Escape Room Business – you will find a step by step guide on all the aspects of starting such business AND the escape room game design with scenarios and plans to build your own room.

You will receive the description and all the details of my escape room game, which has been tested and proven to bring money, I will instruct you how to build it, and I will share with you the escape room scenarios, the escape room designs and all of my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained while running this business.
You get the game design and escape room plans for one escape room, having a pirate theme, completely functional, with a unique and original scenario at an international level, played by hundreds of teams with a medium escape rate (difficulty 8/10), and having a 100% positive feedback, both on Facebook and on TripAdvisor.

Buy Escape Room Design Scenarios and Plans

This game design is based on my real live escape room that I’ve been running in my country for more than one year.
You can check out (this) my website and my Facebook
Don’t worry, I will not sell the escape room design in the same area twice.
It takes you less than a month time for preparing, and a very low investment, then you can start making a profit.

Keep in mind that only the concept is for sale, and not the physical game or puzzles – you will receive an ebook and other digital materials which gives you all the necessary information.

You will receive:
· the escape room plans and escape room scenarios;
· clues in a digital format, all of them in English, including instructions for placing these clues;
· assistance for installing and preparing the room via Skype (approximately 2 hours);
· guidance for resetting the game, or for offering clues during the gameplay;
· promotion and marketing strategies;
· advice on the places from where to buy all the puzzles, the furniture on cheap prices, a list of which puzzles to buy;
· instructions on building hand-made custom puzzles, with explanatory photos and sketches;
Also included is the license to use our unique game design, because this game design and all the know-how about my business remains my intellectual property and you will not be able to re-sell it. And due to this license, there are no returns accepted.
Please feel free to ask for more details!

Video gameplay walkthrough for Escape Game Design for sale

To get a better understanding of my escape room design I’ve created a video walkthrough where you can see in detail the gameplay and all that is to know about pirate themed room! In this video you can see the layout of the game room with all the decorations and a step by step walkthrough that shows the order of the puzzles, where they are hidden and how to solve them.

For more information you can contact us at:

Or you can buy the escape game design here.

Escape Room Game Design
Video gameplay walkthrough

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Here are the contents of this game design:

Section 1: Introduction
1.1 What you will learn in this course
1.2 Why start an Escape Room Business Now
1.3 How much initial investment you need

Section 2: First steps in starting your business
2.1 Research
2.2 Find the perfect location
2.3 Pick a theme

Section 3: Design and building options
3.1 Franchise
3.2 Do it yourself
3.3 Buy the design

Section 4: Building the business
4.1 Setting up your business space
4.2 Start promoting your business
4.3 Customer service
4.4 Testing your game
4.5 Hiring staff

Section 5: Marketing your business
5.1 Who are your clients?
5.2 Online promotion
5.3 Local media
5.4 Partner with other business

Section 6: My escape design
6.1 My theme
6.2 Room description
6.3 Room Legend
6.4 Game walkthrough
6.5 Installing the room decor
6.6 Description of the puzzles: how to build and solve them
6.7 Room maintenance

Section 7: Conclusion

Click here to buy now on eBay!

We also accept payment in Bitcoin or major altcoins, please contact us at


This game is already in Romania, Israel, Lithuania, La Paz (Bolivia), Tampa/Clearwater (Florida), Joplin (Missouri), Prince William County (Virginia), Albany (Georgia), Princeton (West Virginia), Alton (Illinois), Los Angeles County, Milton Keynes (and London area – UK) and I will not sell it to these location.


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